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  2. Being in love,
    Means you are completely broken.

    Then put back together.

    The one piece that was yours,

    Is beating in your lover’s breast,

    She says the same thing about hers.

    However I have gotten here,

    I have plans to be with you,

    And for the first time it is working.

    And I am proof that the heart,

    Is a risky fuel to burn,

    Yeah, we are proof,

    That the heart is a risky fuel to burn.

    Jason Molina (via a-very-original-name)
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  3. … here comes midnight with a dead moon in its jaw …
    Jason Molina, lyric from “Farewell Transmission,” by Song: Ohia, from The Magnolia Electric Co. (Secretly Canadian, 2003)
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  4. Tom Smith's answer to What does it feel like to have no friends? - Quora

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hello tumblr


    hello tumblr

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Trying to see how many trends I can fit into one drawing.


    Trying to see how many trends I can fit into one drawing.

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  7. I propose that pegging be henceforth referred to as Sadie Hawkins-ing.

  8. a group of people is called a hell
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    • jesus: i died on the cross for your sins
    • me: aint nobody tell u to do that tho
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  10. el-p:

    one of the requirements of being a professional musician is that you have to provide press/promoters etc with a bio every time you release a record.  i used to just add on to it.  after over 10 years in this business my bio started to look like a fuckin wikipedia page and i pretty much hated myself every time i read it. here is my current bio:

    El-P is a rapper and producer from Brooklyn, New York. He used to be in a group called Company Flow which put out some records that people liked. He started a record label called Definitive Jux which put out a bunch of other records people liked. He is now in a group with Killer Mike called RUN THE JEWELS.  He has released three solo rap albums, a jazz album, five instrumental albums, and has been on TV a bunch of times. He has produced records for many people. He has performed for many people.  He smokes cigarettes but plans on quitting.

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What day is it?
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  13. For more than a decade, Ginsburg has worked with a trainer in the Supreme Court’s small ground-level exercise room. Recently, Breyer used a machine that Ginsburg had been using; she set it at six, while he could handle only five. Kagan uses the same trainer as Ginsburg, and when the younger Justice struggles with fifteen-pound curls the trainer says, ‘C’mon! Justice Ginsburg can do that easily!’
    From the archives: Jeffrey Toobin profiles Ruth Bader Ginsburg. (via newyorker)
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